• Fiona D

Fiona D's COVID-19 experience

Since March, our lives were changed as we felt we were restricted on what we can do. We loved meeting up with family and friends which that was only limited online till May-June.

After that, slowly slowly we started resuming our lives a bit more but always taking the necessary requirements in that we washed our hands regularly or used sanitizers once we came from outside or touched something, removed our shoes once we were home, changed clothes if we have been out and about especially to hospital appointments. However there were things which we did not yet do as per usual norm that is went out to certain places where the chance of meeting a lot of people was possible, taking our daughter to the swings or letting her play on the sand, eating in restaurants, going to mass on Sundays. I was worried of the social impact this will have on my little daughter who is it an age where it is important to socialise and that was being restricted a lot.

The reason also was being that in February I got to know I was pregnant so that was another concern and is still now more than ever. The safety of my daughter and unborn child were of great concern. There were still not enough evidence on the effects of the unborn child as well as the long term effects if someone was found Positive. In fact my mum, who was being very careful and not going out got tested positive and more strangely my dad and sister who live with her and did most of the errands were found negative. That was of concern.

One of the challenges also was to keep occupied and help my daughter learn from home whilst having to work from home. A 3 year old has her demands and although I feel that she did adapt to many of the changes but still she is too young to understand certain needs that needed to be seen to. The fear of having to go back to that time is stressful.

At the moment I am 31 weeks pregnant and being that the numbers have been increasing it brought about again the changes we had at the beginning of all this. Restricting contact with family members and friends, restrictions where we go, etc. It is difficult especially with family members as I don't feel that I have to impose on them whom they meet and where they go but at the same time I cannot risk being infected unintentionally and harm in some way my family. It creates a bit of tension on were to draw a line.

I feel angry also towards those who were not responsible enough to be careful and keep to certain limitations in order to keep cases low as now look what has happened? It is quite unfair for all those who were careful and now because of a few we have to restrict ourselves again especially since I am considered as vulnerable. The way how the discourse was given to the people of everything going back to normal led to the attitude of 'I don't care so I am going out and enjoy as usual'.

As cases increase, with summer ending soon, my concern is now what will happen once we enter the Influenza period - will there be more restrictions Will my husband be able to be present during birth? Will my daughter lose in going to school again? Will I have to limit sharing the new arrival with our families and friends?

At the moment everything is uncertain but seeing the attitude of some people it makes me fear more that we will not get back to that time where we were careful on our actions to safeguard ourselves and others around us. I know we have to learn to live with it as this pandemic will not be over sometime soon but unless everyone (and I mean everyone from government to families) move in the same direction, we will have trouble. Let's hope for a better future !

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