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The Power of Connectivity

GO at the very heart of the community, keeping people and businesses connected, and its role in the Covid19 pandemic

In the past month, GO has experienced an all-time record high in traffic on all networks, with traffic on its mobile network increasing by more than 50%, whilst that on its fixed telephony network has more than doubled. GO has now committed a further 100 million to the roll-out of TrueFibre technology to every household in the next four years.

“The current circumstances are a test on our infrastructure and our products but we are managing to keep the community connected. I can safely say that the past few weeks have been a real showcase of what we do best: keeping Malta connected and leaving no one behind in the process,” said Nikhil Patil CEO of GO.

Since Covid-19 hit our shores, it has been six weeks of surreal and unprecedented changes for everyone. Businesses switched to remote working, families have taken on a whole new juggling act, and others have had to move out of the family home to ensure the ones they love remain safe and healthy. As the impact persists, one certainty remains: the importance for everyone to stay connected.

“Amidst all the isolation, technology has been the one driving force keeping the whole community connected and we feel truly privileged that thanks to our technology, we are retaining and enhancing our critical role in society, especially during such difficult times,” said Mr Patil.

“Our services allow people to remain connected to the people they care for, to continue to enjoy countless hours of entertainment from the safety of their homes, whilst having all the necessary means to face the current challenges as comfortably, and sustainably as possible. Our services have allowed many businesses to be agile enough to set up remotely and continue with their operations with as minimal disruption as possible,” he added.

Employee safety and wellbeing took top priority as GO ensured that all its workforce could work remotely and had the necessary means to do so. The call centre was mobilised and is now operating from all corners of the island. Within days, most of the organisation was working efficiently from home. Frontline employees were equipped with all the necessary safety gear and training required for them to carry out their duties safely and responsibly and processes were adapted accordingly. Retail outlets were decked with perspex screens and are deep cleansed and fumigated weekly. As the situation evolved, GO also offered alternative accommodation and extended subsidies for those front line employees who live with vulnerable individuals, and whom are also critical for service continuity.

“As a company, we have done everything we possibly can to keep our employees safe, protected and connected with each other, through regular check ins, online mental and physical wellbeing initiatives and others aimed at connecting them on matters beyond business,” explained Sarah Camilleri, Head of HR.

“One cannot underestimate the complexities that a large company like GO faces but we have stood up to the challenge, kept employees updated and continued to soldier on. I really feel GO has demonstrated that connectivity can surpass most boundaries,” she continued.

In an effort to encourage people to stay home, GO opened its premium channels to all customers, offering thousands of hours of rich TV content from movies to series on its GO Stars channel or through its On-Demand platform. It also offered free access to its TV App including non-GO customers and to date, close to 6000 non-GO customers are enjoying live TV, movies and series on demand, over this App and the offer is still open.

GO also decided to support Malta’s front liners. Doctors, nurses, medical staff civil protection, police, armed forces and firefighters were given 1000 free minutes and 100GB of mobile data to help them stay connected with family and friends, an offer which will remain ongoing until the worst of the pandemic is over. GO also extended its support to customers stranded in travel banned countries to allow them sufficient means to keep in touch with family with peace of mind through additional credit or discounts on their respective bills.

In addition to ensuring that its employees, customers and community remained safe and connected, GO also had to ensure the resiliency of its networks and infrastructure in view of increased traffic. The company also remained vigilant to ensure that the network continues to operate well and increased capacity in areas such as Mater Dei and Boffa Hospitals and other high usage areas to relieve potential congestion.

“Covid19 has taken everyone by storm and will undoubtedly leave a mark on everyone’s life but I am proud of GO and what we do. Moments like these remind me how incredibly privileged we are to have such an important role in keeping Maltese society connected. We may not be perfect, but we are fully prepared for what lies ahead and committed to keep delivering more and better,” concluded Mr Patil.

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